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That Time I Nearly Died: Part 2 of ?

I mostly recently nearly died in Sky City, home of the Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico.  How would someone nearly die in a pueblo, you ask?  Well, I fell off this:

Acoma Pueblo

You see the town on top of the gigantic butte (hahaha. butte)? That’s the pueblo itself. It’s absolutely gorgeous, especially when it’s rapidly receding in your vision as you fall through the sky. The Visitors Center is below, and you take a bus up the steep cliff where a tribe member meets you and talks about the rich history of the Acoma people.

At the end of the tour, you’re given the option to take the bus back down or to hike down the steep side. It really isn’t that bad – I can’t find a picture of the proper trail, but it’s very steep and rocky and you’re using a lot of rocks as footholds and handholds to ease your way down. Obviously, you need to be in shape for this and working with fully motility, because there are about eight ways to slip and fall… particularly if you’re me, and wearing flip-flops.

I found at least one of them by doing something Deeply Stupid. Determined to take a picture documenting our descent, I turned around to take a picture. A boulder that I swore was there actually wasn’t, and down I fell, bumping my head on every freakin’ rock from about halfway down to the very bottom of the butte (..hehehe).  I DID NOT DIE – thank you miracles! – but I was cut up, bruised, and terribly sore for about three days. The only picture I managed to take was of sky – presumably while I fell backwards screeching curses and bargaining with my God.

What other ways did I nearly day?  Here’ s the previous segment of this series…


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