Thawing: One Reason Why Frozen Is So Important for Little Girls

My first impressions of Disney’s Frozen were positive, although not glowing. While it didn’t leave me with the same dreamy wonder of Beauty and the Beast, or even the madcap zip of Tangled, I enjoyed its premise and the ingenuitive way that it placed more importance on the relationship between two sisters than on romantic subplots. While it wasn’t my favorite Disney movie, something about Frozen crept its way into my heart and stayed there. Now almost two months after its premiere, the film is still on my mind, and I think I’m beginning to understand the reasons why. Continue reading


My 10 Favorite Songs Ever, Probably

I was recently challenged to write down my Top Ten Favorite Songs Ever by a friend. “I can’t!” I whined, “the computer with all my music is broken so I don’t think I’ll remember all the songs I want to!” To which the perfectly reasonable response was “Good, if you don’t remember them, then they can’t count as your favorites.”

That Draconian philosophy aside, here is my Top Ten List of Favorite Songs Ever Probably, in no particular order because that shit is madness: Continue reading

Back in Time: My Hypothetical Life as a Riot Grrl

Regarding the age-old party question “if you could go back in time and live during a certain era, what would it be?”: one answer is the 1920s, but only if I’m an amazing flapper straight from ‘Boardwalk Empire’ who dies of a gin overdose utterly FABULOUSLY before the Great Depression kicks off. Another answer is Ancient Rome so I can do Julius Caesar, even if he was gross, because think of how that’d set you up for life:

“Hey Whit, guess what – I got a new car today!”

“Whatever; I did Julius Caesar.”

More seriously: my MAIN answer to the question is that I’d go back for the birth of the Riot Grrl movement.

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Letter to a Past Me: Don’t Lie About Nirvana

Dear 13 year old W____,

You will not be cool. Destroy these aspirations and instead focus on your studies. Your studies won’t get you anywhere, but if you’re concentrating on the differences between electrons and neutrons, maybe you’ll think up less to lie about. You lie too much about too little.  Your lies are never whoppers; you don’t invent dead grandmothers or relations to presidents or where you were last Saturday night (because you were at home, being boring). Instead, you lie about what you know and what you like. You couldn’t tell the difference between Blues Traveler and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion until you were 17, kid, so don’t even try.

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Apocalypse ASAP

There’s Nothing to Do Here So Instead I Watch Depressing Apocalypse Films

This recent wave of interest in the apocalypse really butters my toast.   The end of days is hot shit. The Mayans may have been wrong, but we’re still mesmerized by the footage of the meteor that recently dropped in on Russia. Even the average non-morbid person is enjoying the kinder, gentler version of the apocalypse in the form of dystopian stories such as The Hunger Games or TV’s Revolution.

I just saw Seeking a Friend for the End of the World starring Steve Carrell and Kiera Knightley, both of which I love. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great, either – Kiera Knightley’s character was meant to be played by Zooey Deschanel at her most-annoying quirkiest; it felt like sitcom-version of Lost in Translation with the May-December romance.  Despite a few good moments, I was left feeling emotionally gorged and yet unsatisfied, like I had eaten three cartons of Panda Express on an empty stomach.

As a connoisseur of apopculture (see? SEE WHAT WORD I INVENTED?!?), here are my recommendations for media to enjoy that suck less than Seeking a Friend:  Continue reading